ITSKOO Smart Automatic Pet Feeder – C.D.4

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VOICE CONTROL (using Alexa or Siri)

PORTION CONTROL (set 1 to 10 servings precisely)







12/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Any questions or issues please contact our support team either by our website’s live chat (bottom right corner ↘ via Facebook Messenger), or contact us by email: contact@itskoo.com. We typically respond immediately via live support during working hours, and within 2 hours via email inquiry.

Product Description

Short description

  • AUTOMATIC SCHEDULED FEEDING – Straightforward feeding schedule setup, set the exact time and portion for each dispense. Never worried about not remembering leaving food for your beloved companion. Scheduled dispense will still work even WiFi is down. Backup battery slot let your feeder keep working even during power outage.
  • MANUAL FEEDING – With our smart pet feeder, you save time from picking up food for pets. You only need to fill up the feeder every 2-3 weeks, then whenever you want to prepare food, just click on button on your mobile app, or press the physical button on the feeder. Simple one-click.
  • VOICE CONTROL (using Alexa or Siri) – Or if you don’t even want to click, you can set up your voice command with Alexa or Siri, so just say ‘feed my dog’ to dispense food. For questions about setting up voice control, please contact our customer support, we are glad to help.
  • PORTION CONTROL (set 1 to 10 servings precisely) – Depending on how you want to schedule your pets’ diet, set the exact food amount by a simple click.
  • BUILT QUALITY – We understand how important is your lovely companion in your family, so we guaranteed 100% safety. The feeding bowl is made of food-safe grade eco-friendly material. Mechanic design is 100% anti-clog. Overall weight is solid to keep it stable. An anti-humidity desiccant spot is in container to keep food fresh.
  • MINIMAL INDUSTRIAL DESIGN – cylinder body, pearl white colour, semi-transparent container, fits into any home decoration aesthetically.
  • RECORD YOUR VOICE – Record your voice into the feeder, so that every time food comes out, your cats or dogs can hear your voice so they know its time for food.
  • HISTORICAL FEEDING RECORD – Not sure when and how much food was fed to your pets? Check out feeding record in your app, every single dispense is recorded, so you are in perfect control of your pets’ diet.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Food bowl is detachable. Food container is detachable. We recommend to clean your feeder every 2-3 months.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We have a Customer Satisfaction Lifetime Warranty on each unit.
  • 12/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Any questions or issues please contact our support team either by our website’s live chat (via Facebook Messenger), or contact us by email: contact@itskoo.com. We typically respond immediately via live support during working hours, and within 2 hours via email inquiry.

Key benefits

  • It is important to feed your pet on a schedule. Why?
    1. CREATURE OF HABIT – Dogs and cats are creatures of habit — they’re used to having similar schedules every day. Because of this, your pet forms a dependence on you as an owner to feed them at certain times.

    2. EMOTIONAL WELLBEING – As mentioned above, feeding your pet on a consistent schedule allows them to feel loved and secure, amounting to an overall happier and more content animal! Free-feeding doesn’t promote the same connection between human and animal, as your pet or dog doesn’t have a strong sense of when, or if, they will be fed.

    3. HAVING NORMAL APPETITE – Think about it — when you have the flu, do you have a ravenous appetite? When something is wrong with us as humans, a key indication is appetite, and it is the same way for many cats and dogs. Often times you can tell that something is off with your pet, and might be an indication of sickness or health issue, by a lack of appetite. If your pet is not eating, it’s important to note that in their behavior. If you’re free-feeding your pet, it may be harder to judge your pet’s health off their appetite if you don’t know when their last full meal was.

    4. PREVENT OBESITY – As a pet owner, you should be in control of how much, and when, your dog or cat eats — not the other way around. Feeding on a consistent and strict schedule allows you to control your pet’s caloric and nutritional intake every day. Letting your pet eat whenever he or she wants often poses a major risk of over-feeding or under-feeding your pet.
  • Smart device improves living quality.
    1. Efficiency: Operate with one-touch button, or auto feeding.
    2. Convenience: Smart Feeder is in your control no matter where or when, as long as mobile phone is in your hand.
    3. Comfort: Imagine you do not need to move around the house to perform different actions for preparing food.
    4. Peace of mind: Ever not remembering feeding your pets? Or not remember how many times have you fed? Everything is clear for Smart Feeder.
    5. Customization: Control exact time and amount of food for every meal easily.

Start to use C.D.4

  1. Download ITSKOO mobile app (Apple App Store, Google Play, search for ‘itskoo’), and register an account in the app.
  2. Unpack C.D.4, and connect it to power.
  3. In the app, click upper right ‘+’ sign to add an device.
  4. Go in ‘Small Home Appliances’, and select the last device type ‘Pet Feeder’.
  5. Make sure your device is connected to power, then click ‘Confirm’, then enter your Wi-Fi information.
  6. The process will automatically finish in short, and you and your pets can start enjoy C.D.4.




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 21 reviews
by lisa on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

I love this little machine! I am a retired vet tech and I used to board my two cats at my job when I went out of town. Now that I am a stay at home mom I can not afford to board both my cats for a week. I ordered this dispenser so that I could keep them home and still monitor their food on my phone when gone. The portions are perfect. I have mine set to give 1-2 portions every few hours so that the cats don't binge all the food at once. If you fill the container, it lasts two weeks if you give between 6-8 portions a day. I can't get the lid to really lock in place but it's secure enough to keep the cats from opening it.


The automatic dog feeder works great and looks elegant. You need to download their app to connect to the dog feeder. I can see there are completely set of smart home devices in the app. You can set scheduled dispense or you cook use manual dispense both in app or push button. The picture shows one portion of the dispense, you can set the amount as well.

by bili on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

I have been longing for an automatic feeder for my cat. I actually need two but haven't found a set that didn't have terrible reviews! Anyway, I got this one for my one cat that likes to eat all day lol! Now I have his meals and portions set. I'm also able to go out of town and not worry about him eating all hiss food in one day and starving the next few days! My other cat only nibbles throughout the day and when I think she has finished her bowl, I can send extra food through this feeder that they can share until I get back. I'm really happy that I finally made this purchase and it also had a discount attached so I am very satisfied! Just wish it had a camera though lol!!!

by beefy on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

I needed to portion control my pre-diabetic senior cat, so I bought this to dole out small portions multiple times a day. Works like a charm. No matter where he is in the house, he can hear the food dispense upstairs in a remote bathroom and runs all the way! Great exercise in addition to the portion control. I loved it so much, I bought a second one for the new cat in the house for placement downstairs in his space. He too runs when he hears his dispense. My one criticism would be that the batteries don’t last long in these feeders (takes 3 size D), so if you want the feeder in a confined space, such as a closet or some other small closed off area with no power outlet, you either have to replace the batteries frequently or run an extension cord from the room with no outlet to a room with an outlet to keep it powered. Other than this slight inconvenience, this is a great feeder and my cats love them!

by greenmiles on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

looks like the app is supporting a ton of devices

by baba on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

setup is easy, remote control is so convenient

by aiddd on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

slick looking, great functioning

by tiktik on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

my cats love it, portion control indeed is so important for their health.

by peachyle on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

good quality, easy setup, would recommend

by ck on SMART PET FEEDER - C.D.4

Cat loves it!

This is the first pet feeder for our cat. He absolutely loves it. In the past, I normally fed him once a day with an excessively large amount of pet food so that he was sometimes overfed and it caused vomiting. With this pet feeder, the problem now is perfectly solved.

Moreover, the pet feeder is extremely easy to use, like plug and play. It only took me 5 mins to bind it to my cellphone so that I could feed my cat whenever and wherever I want. It is also convenient to set up automatic feeding. The routine for my cat is twice a day: 11:00am and 11:00PM. It seems to work just fine.

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