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As sad as it may sound, our hectic lifestyles often prevent us from spending enough time with our beloved pet babies. Busy schedules, work trips, late-night meetings…the list is endless. When it comes to us, our pets are just one portion of our lives. On the flip side, for our pets, we are their whole lives.

Having a smart automatic pet feeder is an excellent way of making sure your pet’s nutritional needs are taken care of while you are away from home.

The pros of using a smart automatic pet feeder

As creatures of habits, dogs and cats like having the same schedules every day. Therefore, using a smart automatic pet feeder has both emotional and physical benefits for the pet. The emotional wellbeing is ensured by maintaining the consistent feeding schedule. Following the same pattern every day makes your pet feel secure.

As for the physical benefits, using an automatic feeder is an excellent way of preventing obesity. Having a strict and consistent schedule will allow you to monitor your pet’s nutritional intake every day. Plus, it is a good way of knowing how much your pet eats. For example, if your pet’s appetite is decreased and you are free-feeding it chances are you will not be able to notice the decrease unless it is significant. With the automatic pet feeder, even the slightest changes will be noticed.

Buying guide

The modern market offers a plethora of smart pet feeders. With so many available choices making the right one can be quite challenging. To help you successfully navigate through the plethora of choices, we have compiled a list of essential features your smart feeder should have.

These are the features you need to consider:

  • Compartment capacity – this feature depends solely on your needs. If you plan an extended weekend getaway you will definitely need a feeder that can store a larger amount of food. If the container is too small, your pet will be starving because the food will run out before you get back home. On the flip side, if you are busy only during work hours then it is advisable to get a feeder with a smaller container. That way your pet’s food will remain clean and fresh for longer.
  • Food category – this feature is based on your pet’s diet type. Namely certain health conditions require certain types of diet. Those diets sometimes come in only one form – either wet or dry. Not every pet feeder is suitable for both types of food. Feeders designed for wet food should have a cooling system that will keep the wet food fresh. The cooling system consists of a storage compartment underneath the food where ice packs can be stored. Bottom line, when making the purchase make sure you consider your pet’s diet type.
  • Programmable timers – this is a particularly important feature. Being able to set a strict schedule is important for controlling your pet’s eating routine. At this point, once again you need to consider your pet’s eating habits. For example, if your pet eats 4 times a day, buying a smart feeder that can only feed 2 times a day would be a waste of your money.
  • Portion size – featuring this option is a must when parenting a pet that needs proper weight management. By being able to set a portion you will prevent your pet from overeating which will eventually lead to obesity. On the flip side, if you pet is not a voracious eater, defining the meal size helps you save food instead of wasting it.   
  • Voice recording – this option is not readily available in most smart pet feeders but it is definitely fun ad worth having. It allows you to record your own voice and have your pet called when it is meal time.
  • WiFi connectivity – featuring WiFi connectivity enables you to connect the feeder to the internet and interact with your pet through a smartphone app. In most cases, the smartphone app will allow you to watch your pet via video, dispense treats on command and interact to your pet directly.
  • Selective feeding – this is vital for households with multiple pets. In such case you should search for a smart feeder that has special microchip tag reader that identifies the pet whose meal time has come.
  • Power source type – usually pet feeders are battery operated but are designed in an energy efficient way. This ensures particularly long usage (6 to 12 months) of a single pair of batteries. Newer smart feeders with built in cameras and WiFi connectivity have to be plugged to a socket.

Considerations when using a smart pet feeder

It should be well-noted that human interaction cannot be substituted with automatic pet feeders. Buying an automatic pet feeder does not exclude the need of hiring a pet sitter or boarding facility.

Simply put, pets are social creatures. Well dogs more than cats, but anyway, they enjoy your companion and thrive on interacting with their human families. A recent study suggested that cats are calmer and more confident when the owners are at home. 

In a nutshell, automatic pet feeders are an extremely useful tool as long as they are used rationally, properly and for the right causes. Leaving your pet in a solitary confinement just because you own a smart pet feeder is not an option for responsible pet parents.

The ITSKOO Smart Pet Feeder Review

,Hey Alexa/Siri, please feed my dog/cat, – feeding your pet has never been so easy, all you need is your mobile phone. And to be honest, we always have our phones in our hands.

First of all, the ITSKOO Smart Pet Feeder is made of pet safe materials such as eco-friendly ABS and PC plastic. Both materials are suitable for cats prone to feline acne and dogs prone to skin conditions. The design also features an anti-humidity desiccant which keeps the food fresh no matter how long it stays in the dispenser.

Secondly, this feeder is simple to use and maintain. As mentioned, you can control the device with your mobile phone no matter where you are. The feeder is easy to maintain and keep clean because both the food bowl and the food container are detachable. It is recommended to have them cleaned every 2 to 3 months. Additionally, once the feeding is successfully completed, the app will notify you.

Thirdly, the smart feeder ensures complete control over how much your pet eats. You can choose to dispense food portions ranging from 10 to 100 grams. This is particularly important for pets on weight loss programs because if the automatic feeder does not feature portion control, weight gain is likely to occur.

Last but not least, this amazing product comes with a lifetime warranty. That way you can enjoy a total peace of mind.

Key features:

  • Pet-safe materials
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Perfect portion control
  • Timed feeding schedule
  • Alexa/Siri supported
  • Remote app control
  • Voice recording commands
  • 1 press manual feeding
  • 4l capacity
  • Anti-clogged
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 customer support. 


  • Convenience – imagine you are stuck at work and late for your date tonight plus you need to feed your pet in the meanwhile. With the ITSKOO Smart Pet Feeder, instead of going home to feed your beloved pet you can do that with a simple press on your mobile. That is if you have not already scheduled a feeding with a simple press on the feeder’s button. In both cases, this smart pet feeder is beyond convenient.
  • Saving time – before giving your pet its meal you need to measure the food. At first, this seems easy, but think about the number of meals through the day and the amount of time you spend measuring each meal. The ITSKOO Smart Pet Feeder does the measuring for you. Therefore, instead of wasting your time on dead-end chores you can enjoy in more quality time with your pet.
  • Improved life-quality – this applies for both you and your pet. You will be guilt-free and able to enjoy your time away from home knowing your pet is fed and happy. As for your pet, in addition of being fed, it will be content for following its usual routine.
  • Good for pet’s health – the ITSKOO Smart Pet Feeder is an excellent tool for maintaining a lean and healthy body weight. Nowadays, obesity is a well-known and frequent issue among pets. Obesity is a problem on its own and it is a risk factor that predisposes pets to other potentially life-threatening health conditions. This smart feeder also enables scheduling more frequent but smaller meals. On the long run, this is useful because overfeeding leads to gastric distension and consequently increased appetite. Last but not least, the feeder ensures your pet will receive fresh food for each meal.
  • Modern, smart home feeling – it goes without saying that the ITSKOO Smart Pet Feeder is the ultimate, design driven and quality led product. Its futuristic design, high-end technology and efficiency will make you feel like you are living the future.

Bottom line, by designing the new Smart Pet Feeder, ITSKOO has reinvented the pet’s diet management. The device is manufactured using high-end technology, yet it is amazingly simple to use.

ITSKOO Automatic Smart Pet Feeder

ITSKOO – We are IOT technology driven, aiming to provide the fully structured cloud platform that enables all smart home devices into one single platform.

ITSKOO Smart Pet Feeder C.D.4 is our first retail smart product to let our customers have a taste of our world-leading Smart Home Platform. We understand the need for pet owners, and we design specifically to meet their needs. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our pet feeder and it’s our pleasure to serve you.